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Pikaari allows potential clients to check if you are available for their wedding date, and if you are, they can book a consultation with you in real-time. Pikaari pulls your availability directly from your Google CalendarTM.

Who are Pikaari Clients?

Pikaari clients are typically discerning couples who have a vision of what their big day will be like, and want to meet the perfect wedding vendor to help them fulfill their dream. Pikaari clients are young professionals who prefer using modern technology to make their wedding planning as painless as possible. At the same time, they value the importance of consultations with potential vendors. Pikaari clients understand that choosing a wedding vendor is not a one-time deal, but instead, the beginning of a relationship that will last until their wedding day and beyond.

Who are Pikaari Vendors?

Pikaari vendors are typically wedding professionals who take their business seriously and value the importance of consultation meetings with potential clients. Pikaari vendors understand that a consultation can be used to establish rapport with the client, showcase their own work and talent, and at the same time get a feel for whether working with the client will be a good fit for both parties.

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