wedding vendors
who matter.

Check who's available for your wedding date
& schedule consultations instantly.

What is Pikaari?

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Check wedding date availability

See which vendors are available for your wedding date. Pikaari updates each vendor's wedding date availability in real time.

Find vendors with profiles tailored to you

Filter and view the profiles of available vendors to find the perfect ones for your wedding. Filter on things that matter, like price.

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Book consultations in real time

When you've found a vendor you'd love to meet, book a consultation with them. Pikaari confirms your consultation directly with the vendor's electronic calendar.

Our Story

Pikaari all started when Adrienne was planning her own wedding in 2012. She found that the most frustrating thing about wedding planning was all of the email and voicemail tag that came along with booking consultations to pick the perfect wedding vendors. "Wedding planning should be fun!" she thought, so she set out to do something about it. Adrienne corralled three friends at her place one night, and even though they were the most unlikely suspects to be doing anything wedding-related, they all fell in love with the idea. And so it began.

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Hi, I'm Adrienne.

I can't decide whether cats
are cuter on the Internet.

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Hi, I'm JY.

I believe that penguins
live at the North Pole.

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Hi, I'm Richard.

I had a pet rock as a child.
And it hasn't grown at all.

... ...
Hi, I'm Victor.

I'm sure there are no
penguins at the North Pole.

Pikaari for Wedding Vendors

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Consultation bookings 'round the clock

Receive consultation bookings from interested clients 24/7. Don't waste time playing e-mail and voicemail tag. Pikaari also takes care of reminding clients before the consultation.

Find the perfect client

By only receiving consultation bookings from clients whose weddings you are available for, Pikaari makes that first meeting much more fruitful. When you receive a consultation booking, you will also receive details about the wedding that the client has shared with us.

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Links directly to your calendar

Pikaari links directly to your Google CalendarTM. Use it as you normally would, and Pikaari will sync with your calendar and seamlessly determine your availability for both wedding bookings and consultations.

Receive consultation bookings directly from your website

We will provide widgets and links to allow clients to book directly from your website. And we'll also help you set it up!

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